Another announcement I forgot

I did a song with Hexadigital. It’s called Phoenix and it has a bunch of organs. It’s available on the Vastitune Bandcamp and standard release channels.

An announcement I forgot

So I just realized that completely forgot to announce that the first volume of the remix album was released, so I guess this is as close to an announcement as you’re going to get. This Is a Test: Remixes, Vol. 1 is out on the Vastitune Bandcamp page and standard release channels.

I typically just let my label hand stuff to distributors and let them pop up whenever, so often others know when my music is up before I do.

There’s also another announcement I forgot, so hold on to your pants (or whatever you’re wearing/not wearing) and I’ll get right on that.

As always, you can email me for free downloadable copies of any album I release, but you won’t get any bonus material.

New art by batnoise

New art by batnoise

The first time I saw this video was back in 1997, I believe, when my dad bought a Packard Bell desktop computer. The computer came with the Director’s Cut edition of The Journeyman Project: Trurbo! which is an old FMV game that I still enjoy on occasion to this day. While the music in this game was pretty kickass, the song that stood out the most wasn’t actually in the game. It was in a video promoting the sequel that was included on the Director’s Cut (see above), which was released a full four years after the original. I can’t quite remember if this song has a name or not, but I remember that the filename of the video was BITGAL.AVI, BITGAL being an abbreviation of “Buried in Time Gallery”.

The music in Turbo was made by Geno Andrews, but he left Presto Studios after the game was released. This song stands out because it was made after his departure by a different artist, Bob Stewart, who produced the soundtrack for Buried in Time.

I’m bringing this up because I just got off the phone with Bob Stewart himself, and I’ve gotten permission to cover this song. I cannot tell you folks how excited I am about this.

Album art for This is a Test Remixes, Volume 1.
This Is a Test 02:18
This Is a Test (Extended) 06:13
This Is a Test (FourPointZeroMix) 06:15
This Is a Test (Acid Drop Remix) 04:05
This Is a Test (Politru Remix) 03:01
This Is a Test (Dirty Terrain Remix) 06:20
This Is a Test (Hexadigital Remix) 05:01
This Is a Test (DJ Kurokit’s Mix) 03:49

Album art for This is a Test Remixes, Volume 1.


  1. This Is a Test 02:18
  2. This Is a Test (Extended) 06:13
  3. This Is a Test (FourPointZeroMix) 06:15
  4. This Is a Test (Acid Drop Remix) 04:05
  5. This Is a Test (Politru Remix) 03:01
  6. This Is a Test (Dirty Terrain Remix) 06:20
  7. This Is a Test (Hexadigital Remix) 05:01
  8. This Is a Test (DJ Kurokit’s Mix) 03:49

More updates! Revitar 2

I recently contacted the author of one of my favorite VSTis, Revitar 2. This is a free VST that used to be available from Cuttermusic, but their site has unfortunately gone down. I’ve acquired the source of the VST and have permission to maintain my own fork of it under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. The code (and the first release) is available on GitHub. My first goal is to work on the pick attack so that it will sound better when pumped through a virtual amplifier like Guitar Rig 5. This is my first venture into VST development, so bear with me. To say that I have no idea what I’m doing is an understatement.

Updates forthcoming: This is a Test Remix Album

I have a few updates for you folks, but I’m going to spread them out across multiple posts, as there is a high likelihood of me being interrupted before I finish typing everything up. So here’s the first bit.

The first volume of the remix album for This is a Test has been sent to the retailers and will be available from most places on December 16th. I’m still working on the VIP and I’m still waiting on a few lost submissions to be sent back in, so the second volume won’t be out for a while. As such, I’ve decided to officially reopen for submissions. Check the original post (now updated) for details.

TiaT Remix Contest “Closed”!

Tracklist and such coming soon!

Title: Soul Cry (Damp Hit’s Rough Edge Edit)
 DJ Pon-3 feat Ervin Mitchell 

Remix I did for a contest about a month ago.

Original song is over here.

TiaT Remix Contest Extended (AGAIN!) +details and news

You guys got lucky! I’ve been really busy lately, and I’ve been having some trouble with my PC, so I haven’t been able to complete a bunch of stuff that I need for the remix EP. So since the release is being put off, I decided that there’s no reason I can’t extend the deadline.

The new deadline is August 5th, 2013!

And I promised a more detailed post a while back, so let’s get to that.

I’m working on a VIP for the EP. This is part of the reason this is taking so long. I can only work on music when I feel sufficiently motivated and when this motivation happens to line up with an open space in my schedule (or lack thereof).

I’ve also decided to split the remix EP into two volumes. They should hit standard release channels at about the same time. A more specific release date will be announced as soon as possible. I do plan on releasing it in 2013.

I’ve chosen the artist I want to do the album art for the EP. He has a few online aliases, and I’m not sure which one he wants me to credit, so I’ll leave that a mystery for now. He’s got this amazing art style that’s like a cross between Jhonen Vasquez and Spy vs Spy and I love it.

Now for non-EP news!

The Shoulders Steve Stood Upon is nearing completion! I haven’t decided if I want to release assets for this one or not, because it is a very personal piece. I’ll give you guys the story behind it later, but you might be able to figure it out if you don’t already know.

I’m transitioning to using a new DAW. While ACID Pro is an amazing piece of software, I’ve hit a wall in what it’s capable of doing. It’s 32 bit only, so I can’t use more than 4GB of RAM with it (but I can get around that to an extent), and it’s not multithreaded, so it can only use one 2.3GHz processor core. This is a huge problem, as it causes in-editor playback to stutter horribly when I’m using a ton of VSTs. This is the reason I haven’t been able to make any headway on the Skin Tight remix. It renders fine, but working with it is a pain and next to impossible. Bus and effect automation is also a bit unintuitive in a few scenarios, which I find very limiting. The new DAW I’m using is Reaper, which is apparently made by the same folks who made the original ACID. It also works well with wine, which is a huge plus. I’m still getting used to it, so this might take a while.

That about wraps it up for now! I hope to start using this more often to talk about my process or to discuss my mindset when it comes to my music and such. Until next time!

Those of you with Spotify can now enjoy my remix of Lcarens’ Neoventus!

Remix contest deadline extended!

The deadline for the remix competition for This Is A Test has been extended to June 15th.

I encourage anyone who is even vaguely interested to check out the remix guidelines and submission guidelines.

A more detailed post will come soon.

Neoventus Remix Collection coming to Spotify!

So, the only track I have out at the moment that’s available to purchase is my mix of Lcarens’ Neoventus. Well, some people don’t like buying music from BandCamp, and some people just don’t like buying music at all.

So if that’s you, FEAR NOT, for Lcarens has set plans in motion to get the remix collection on Spotify.

I’ll make another post as soon as it actually hits the library.

This Is A Test remix contest!

I’d like to officially announce my first remix contest!


I’ve put together a remix assets pack for my song This Is A Test, and I’ll be accepting remix submissions starting now for this song.

If you want to listen to the song before downloading the pack, here are a couple of links:
This Is A Test
This Is A Test (Extended Version)

So here’s the deal. If you wanna download the pack, you gotta agree to the remix guidelines, and if you wanna submit a remix for the competition, you’ll want to follow the submission guidelines.These are very important, so they’ve also been included in the assets pack.

The official deadline for submissions is April 23, 2013 June 15, 2013 August 5, 2013 February 22, 2014.

Download the assets pack here.

Have fun!


All Levels at Once - Paragon

We’re all just pawns for the greater good

Of this hell that we call home

Relax your frown cause we’re homeward bound

Once again you’re safe and sound

Promoting some more good music by a friend.
(or a friend of a friend if he doesn’t consider me a friend)

Buy the album over here: 

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